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Yougo Bonsai presents
the innovative Bonsai growing mix called Sakadama.

About us

We from Yougo Bonsai have been given the right to introduce a new

and innovative Bonsai growing mix, called Sakadama, in several European countries and beyond. Sakadama is an alternative to Akadama. It’s a new and innovative growing media for Bonsai trees, succulents, orchids, Hydroponics and many more. Sakadama is heat treated to 600 °C which makes it harder than Japanese Akadama. This causes it to break down much slower and improves it’s cation exchange ratio.

Yougo Bonsai is the sole Commercial agency for Sakadama for the countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan. For other countries please visit the official Sakadama website. If your country is not yet appointed and you are interested in Sakadama, please let us know through our contact page.

What we do for you

benefit 1

As a Commercial agent for Sakadama we handle marketing for this product. We can get you all desired info on this product.

benefit 2

We have direct contact with the manufacturer and because of that you get the best possible price for the product.

benefit 3

We are there for you to arrange the innitial contact and to assure a smooth procedure when help is needed.


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All info you need

All info you need on Sakadama is available at the official website of Sakadama. Here you can find: Technical documentation, ways to contact commercial agents for other regions and a lot of additional info.


Are you conviced or do you still have some questions?

Either way we can help you. We love to answer all of your questions or to arrange a quotation so you can get better results as soon as possible.